Services and Enrichments Outside the Traditional Day

Saturday Academy

Enrichment Programs

Acting as an extension to the school week and as an additive to Enrichement Programs, Maryland Academy offers Saturday Academies so students can pursue individual interests or recieve tutoring for extra help with reading and math. Saturday Academy can be particpated in jointly with Enrichment programs or by itself. 

Service Hours

Clubs and Sports

Clubs are a way for students to extend their learning  that is student centered,  meaningful and impactful.  Club experiences will be provided by the school at a nominal fee to cover staff, materials and incidentals. Sports keep the body an mind fit for learning. sports will be offered according to available league play in the county.  

As part of giving back to the community and in keeping with ou educational pillars, all Maryland Academy students will be required to log a total of 160 hours of community service between k-8th grade. Arrangements can be made through the school and provided by our CMO, 21st Century Schools. 

For parents who need an extension to the day because of work commitments or who seek additional supports for their student, before and after school enrichment offers tutoring, homework assistence, and learning extensions for our 1-8th graders such as: robotics, rocketry, coding, graphic design and engineers workshop. For our kindergartners we offer play academy