Mission, Vision and Purpose


Maryland Academy students will achieve the fullest academic, intellectual and social potential, through a rigorous science, math, technology and art curriculum and by concentrating on the Five Pillars of Excellence: Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, Problem-Solving, and Philanthropy.



In partnership with parents, students, and community leaders, Maryland Academy will provide a 21st century education to its students through the use of state of the art teaching methods, a rigorous curriculum along with quantitative tools to maximize learning decisions, so that students can acquire the skills required for success in secondary and post-secondary schools and careers.


Our purpose at the Maryland Academy of Art, Science and Technology is to provide a  safe learning space manned by well trained teachers who will teach a unique, intensive, and hands on interdisciplinary technology, science, math and art curriculum, at the k-8 level. We seek to provide teachers who will be trained in using authoritatively sourced teaching methods and quantitative analysis of student data to drive teaching and learning decisions. This level of teacher and student rigor will prepare students for secondary and post-secondary education and expose them to careers that will fill the public’s need for innovative thinkers, engineers, scientists, technicians and creators.