An Ever-Growing Story

Your Participation Counts

Open to residents of Anne Arundel County Maryland, the Maryland Academy of Art Science and Teachnology believes that all children can reach their potential given the opportunity, a dedicated group of professionals and parents willing to be active in their child's success. That is one lesson we learned early on,  the more voices singing  the sweater the song, the more questions asked, and the more people become involved the greater our success. Whether planning a school event, an educational experience, or a neighborhood cleanup, we have and will always encourage staff, students and parents to join in as one community.
You can learn more about our school and the charter management organization that founded us  by coming to one of our Town Hall meetings. 

Established in 2017, by experienced charter school administrators and teachers, Maryland Academy of Art, Science and Technology is a public charter school that holds education and citizenship in high regard. We believe every member of our school community plays a vital role in the education of our  students. Which is why we consider parents to be our greatest asset and partner in the educational process.

Our goal and mission, since inception, is to provide students with a high quality education, based on 21st century skills, methods and technology. We do this by employing a rigorous inter-disciplinary curriculum developed by our staff, created specifically for our students and based on skills required to be successful in this new knowledge based economy.  

Our educational philosophy is based on five pillars: Critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, problem solving and philanthropy.